Hide out

A place where I can be complete,
with nobody around,
where I can be calm,
with no one to tell rights and wrongs,
where I can be myself,
with no one to be compared with,
where I can wander in my thoughts,
without any prejudices,
where I can surrender to time-
That’s my hide out – my solitude.

Smile 🙂
Priya Pramod

To my younger self…

To my younger self,

No need to be so timid,
you are going to be bold anyway.
No need to fear others opinions,
they will vanish after sometime.
No need to worry about the few points you lost,
it doesn’t make any difference.
No need to worry that you are thin,
you are going to be fat .
No need to be so matured from a young age,
chance of being a child is only now.
No need to be possessive about your friends and family,
those who want to stay will stay.
No need to fear when you make mistakes,
they add to your lessons learnt.

–Priya Pramod

Copyrights :Priya’s Visuals , PC :Pexels


Look at me as a woman of identity,
for I am not anyone’s shadow.
Look at me as a woman of maturity
for I am no child for anyone’s game.
Look at me as a woman of her words,
for I own my decisions.

Look at me as a woman of courage,
for I can do anything for my family.
Look at me as a woman of selflessness,
for my love is never self centered.
Look at me as a woman of substance,
for I fight the battle myself.
Look at me as a woman to respect,
for I deserve that and even more.
–Priya Pramod

PC: Pexels , Copyright : Priya’s Visuals


They came with a smile ,
that she couldn’t fathom.
She was on the clouds
and thanked her stars!
Time was witness,
for the smile was wicked.
Like seasons’ witchcraft ,
Their colors too changed,
to dirty greys.
She was devastated.
She felt betrayed.
Her fear came true,
when she saw those claws!
They cut through her,
straight at her heart;
Bleeding her ,scaring her.
She lost her trust –
in good and bad.
Her eyes got blurred,
She can’t see what truth is.
Slowly she withdrew,
to her inner shell.
For she feared –
the brutal blows again!
That wasn’t enough for them.
…and then she stood up,
with all her might.
For her, for all.

–Priya Pramod

I walk

I walk...
through the misty path,
whom should I cross,
whom i should not
YOU know even before I started.

I walk...
Then a turn YOU hid a happy surprise
At another , an unexpected blow!
Still I walk...
Aint that I supposed to do?

I walk ...
Then the path turns too hard.
I feel I might fall, I am lost!
Then i saw faces...
from nowhere they came!
held my hand and lifted me up.
I saw YOU in them!
I walk...

--Priya Pramod