No words uttered.
You just be You.
Unhindered .
Brimming with your dignity.
A mark of respect to many.
No matter they deserve it or not.
That’s Your answer .
A thoughtful one.
At times,
Silence is powerful.

Happy Reading!!

Priya Pramod.

Happy to hear your thoughts as always 🙂

Dear 2018

Hey! 2018,

When I turn back and look,

I see myself standing at your start –

worried, confused and dejected.

You held my hand and walked with me

I was learning…

To forgive those who hurt me, for myself

To hold the few who loved me, safe in my heart

To treasure the goodness that I found, amidst chaos

To correct my mistakes, for the rest of the journey

Thanks for your company

Good bye 2018…

Happy New Year 🙂

— Priya Pramod


I like to listen than to speak;
I like my solitude than gossips;
I like to be under my blanket 
		  than in crowd;
I like the rains than a party;
I like to sing and dance but to myself;
I might be silent, but can see 
		  through your facade;
I might be walking alone ,but confident;
I am cold outside, but warm at heart;
I am not afraid;I am different;
I am an introvert
--Priya Pramod

To my younger self…

To my younger self,

No need to be so timid,
you are going to be bold anyway.
No need to fear others opinions,
they will vanish after sometime.
No need to worry about the few points you lost,
it doesn’t make any difference.
No need to worry that you are thin,
you are going to be fat .
No need to be so matured from a young age,
chance of being a child is only now.
No need to be possessive about your friends and family,
those who want to stay will stay.
No need to fear when you make mistakes,
they add to your lessons learnt.

–Priya Pramod

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