With a hollowness, he fell. The lone traveler. His rob effused dust. Eyes ran out of tears, his pocket was dry without a penny! Fire was in his heart, So, in the stomachs of his children. Water was not enough, to quench both. Flashes of tired faces screamed hunger. Deafening! he shut his ears. His... Continue Reading →

Moon rise

I am always fascinated by the moon . Always felt that the Full moon rise at the horizon is a serene sight for the eyes. The silky white glow of moon light seems to have an eternal beauty that captures the heart. The dark sky, the silvery glow and the cold breeze!! Its meditative. Attaching... Continue Reading →

The tunnel

I am seeking you, my light!It's all jet black now.I move forward staggering,I shouldn't stop!Obstacles all over,I stumble in my way.Deep pain lightning through me.I fell down,I shouldn't stop!In the dark,I pull myself up.The crack in my bone,gave a scornful grin.I bit my teeth,I shouldn't stop!Limping , I walk through the unknown.For I want to... Continue Reading →

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