May I help or not ?

How much good a person you should be ? Isn’t it tricky a question? We try to teach children to be empathetic / kind and helpful. Completely agreeing it’s good intent. But can it be applied to all . Do everyone understand and respect kindness/ helpfulness ?

I strongly believe empathy is a great quality. To understand, to literally feel what another person is going through is a great virtue. But I have also seen many empaths/ kind hearts being manipulated and made to believe that they should always be understanding and be good to those people who often don’t treat them well. Isn’t it necessary that along with encouraging kindness/ understanding,we should also encourage recognizing where such good intentions are being ‘used’ or rather ‘misused’ by certain people ? Isn’t it also necessary to teach children to say a ‘BIG NO’ to such people who take your kindness for granted?

Positively 😊

– Priya Pramod


Look at me as a woman of identity,
for I am not anyone’s shadow.
Look at me as a woman of maturity
for I am no child for anyone’s game.
Look at me as a woman of her words,
for I own my decisions.

Look at me as a woman of courage,
for I can do anything for my family.
Look at me as a woman of selflessness,
for my love is never self centered.
Look at me as a woman of substance,
for I fight the battle myself.
Look at me as a woman to respect,
for I deserve that and even more.
–Priya Pramod

PC: Pexels , Copyright : Priya’s Visuals