May you be someone’s sunshine.

Appreciation to individuals is like Sun shine to plants. Without Sunshine a plant might try to survive for some time- pale and weak , but it can’t thrive for long. When you smile at someone during your morning walk, when you compliment a child when she/he brings you your glasses, when you pat on someone’s shoulder for their quality/hardwork you are shining bright on them.

May there be Sunlight in everyone’s life , May you be someone’s Sunshine πŸ™‚

Happy Reading!
Happy New Year 2023 πŸ™‚

– Priya Pramod

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No words uttered.
You just be You.
Unhindered .
Brimming with your dignity.
A mark of respect to many.
No matter they deserve it or not.
That’s Your answer .
A thoughtful one.
At times,
Silence is powerful.

Happy Reading!!

Priya Pramod.

Happy to hear your thoughts as always πŸ™‚

Poetry published in the Anthology-” Pixie Dust & All Things Magical” !

Proud and grateful to share that another poetry of mine is published in the new Anthology book – β€œPixie Dust and All Things Magical β€œ , A Global poetry in English . 😊
The book is all about β€˜Magic!!’ πŸͺ„πŸͺ„πŸ’«. The magic we need in today’s despondent times when human identity has looped from individualism to survival . The magic of positivity , health and peace.
Thank you to the editor Anita Nahal for making this wonderful book happen .

Grateful to the universe – humbled πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
The book is available in Amazon .

Stay Happy!
Priya Pramod


With a hollowness, he fell.

The lone traveler.

His rob effused dust.

Eyes ran out of tears,

his pocket was dry without a penny!

Fire was in his heart,

So, in the stomachs of his children.

Water was not enough,

to quench both.

Flashes of tired faces screamed hunger.

Deafening! he shut his ears.

His whole being begged for sleep.

The hinges of his eyelids grew weak.

Windows to his burdened soul were closing.

Even life abandoned him!

Happy Reading!!

-Priya Pramod

Moon rise

I am always fascinated by the moon . Always felt that the Full moon rise at the horizon is a serene sight for the eyes. The silky white glow of moon light seems to have an eternal beauty that captures the heart. The dark sky, the silvery glow and the cold breeze!! Its meditative. Attaching a painting I did – The MoonRise.

Stay Happy!
Priya Pramod