Look at me as a woman of identity,
for I am not anyone’s shadow.
Look at me as a woman of maturity
for I am no child for anyone’s game.
Look at me as a woman of her words,
for I own my decisions.

Look at me as a woman of courage,
for I can do anything for my family.
Look at me as a woman of selflessness,
for my love is never self centered.
Look at me as a woman of substance,
for I fight the battle myself.
Look at me as a woman to respect,
for I deserve that and even more.
–Priya Pramod

PC: Pexels , Copyright : Priya’s Visuals


They came with a smile ,
that she couldn’t fathom.
She was on the clouds
and thanked her stars!
Time was witness,
for the smile was wicked.
Like seasons’ witchcraft ,
Their colors too changed,
to dirty greys.
She was devastated.
She felt betrayed.
Her fear came true,
when she saw those claws!
They cut through her,
straight at her heart;
Bleeding her ,scaring her.
She lost her trust –
in good and bad.
Her eyes got blurred,
She can’t see what truth is.
Slowly she withdrew,
to her inner shell.
For she feared –
the brutal blows again!
That wasn’t enough for them.
…and then she stood up,
with all her might.
For her, for all.

–Priya Pramod