A man walks on the rope,
Like a skilled dancer,
At times stretching a leg to one side,
sometimes the hands.
Balancing his weight.
He has to keep moving.
The rope shudders,
as if it wants him to fall.
It quakes and shivers
But the man still stands.
One step at a time,
That’s how he thinks.
At times it feels almost,
The equilibrium is lost.
Heartbeats rise,
Breath stops.
But he still stands.
Bit by bit he moves forward,
Touches the other end.
Aren’t we all that man?
Looking for equilibrium,
throughout The Walk of Life?

~ Priya Pramod

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Dance of life

As light and shadow races,
the pupil shrinks and expands.
A dance to vision ;
The beauty unravels!

As the sky pours down,
the leaves sway .
A dance to nature;
The scent of soil!

As the mind wanders ,
Thought bubbles rise and pop.
A dance to wisdom;
The wonder of consciousness!

As love fills the soul ,
Two hearts jump into a rhythm.
A dance to union; 
The joy of togetherness! 

As a tiny life awaits ,
the womb contracts and relaxes .
A dance to birth ;
Aah! The marvel of life ! 

-Priya Pramod

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May you be someone’s sunshine.

Appreciation to individuals is like Sun shine to plants. Without Sunshine a plant might try to survive for some time- pale and weak , but it can’t thrive for long. When you smile at someone during your morning walk, when you compliment a child when she/he brings you your glasses, when you pat on someone’s shoulder for their quality/hardwork you are shining bright on them.

May there be Sunlight in everyone’s life , May you be someone’s Sunshine πŸ™‚

Happy Reading!
Happy New Year 2023 πŸ™‚

– Priya Pramod

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You flow in between the clock ticks
You don’t pause
You don’t look back
nor you are afraid of whats in store.

You flow unaffected
As you pass
You take in all the pain and bruises
You are the healer of all wounds.

You flow without complain
You don’t have a start nor an end
You are infinite
You are eternity.

You are the game
And you are the player
Life melts through your hands
You don’t pause
You don’t look back
nor you are afraid of whats in store.

–Priya Pramod

Copyrights : Priya's Visuals PC:Pexels


The one always complained,
That the other snatched the earth’s lap,
And took away the treasures,
Without question.
The one always feared,
That the other won everywhere
Making the one fall behind
Into depths of envy.
The one always struggled
Bruised by the praises of the other
That were razor sharp
Piercing the soul
The one always decided
To find fault in the other
That The one will be always right
Born of the same flower
They were two in all sense.

–Priya Pramod