A paperboat is sailing,
Gently swaying .
Along the flow,
In the morning glow.

Moving hurriedly,
Balancing steadily.
The speed increases,
With the water’s creases.
Through the rocks,
Absorbing the shocks.
Floating downstream,
As in a dream.

Without a blink,
On the wet bank ,
My childhood stood,
Wishing all good.
A paperboat is sailing,
Gently swaying

Priya Pramod
Happy Reading 🙂

To my younger self…

To my younger self,

No need to be so timid,
you can be more bolder.
No need to fear others opinions,
they will vanish after sometime.
No need to worry about the few points you lost,
it doesn’t make any difference.
No need to worry that you are thin,
you are going to be fat .
No need to be so matured from a young age,
chance of being a child is only now.
No need to be possessive about your friends and family,
those who want to stay will stay.
No need to fear when you make mistakes,
they add to your lessons learnt.

–Priya Pramod

Copyrights :Priya’s Visuals , PC :Pexels