A paperboat is sailing,
Gently swaying .
Along the flow,
In the morning glow.

Moving hurriedly,
Balancing steadily.
The speed increases,
With the water’s creases.
Through the rocks,
Absorbing the shocks.
Floating downstream,
As in a dream.

Without a blink,
On the wet bank ,
My childhood stood,
Wishing all good.
A paperboat is sailing,
Gently swaying

Priya Pramod
Happy Reading 🙂

It’s OK !

Hey ! You beautiful soul,
Its OK to let go .
You can’t hold on to all.
When they cling ,manipulate,
You believe you should hold,
Even if you suffer!
Wish them understood your pain.
But No! And It’s OK too.
Turn your head , look around,
There is goodness out there!
Give that your soul,
Your are needed.
So , it’s OK to let go !

Positively 😊
Priya Pramod

Copyrights : Priya's Visuals PC:Pexels